The workshop has now taken place. This page bring together the “collateral” from the workshop and the organisers’ workshop report.

The workshop aimed, in the context of institutions of higher and further education, to explore through discussion what a set of principles for student-facing learning analytics might be. We considered learning analytics systems which are designed to provide feedback to students on their engagement, progress, and likely success. The workshop drew on existing examples and scholarship with a view to developing principles which can be applied both to the design and evaluation of student-facing learning analytics software. The objective of the workshop was to identify principles which will influence the future shape of student-facing learning analytics, based on a distillation of wisdom and experience from TEL research and practice perspectives. To this end, it emphasised principles that are actionable by adopters.

For more details, see also: the page on background and motivation for the workshop.

Workshop Input

We created a reading list of relevant scholarship, most of which is available, in some form, from open access repositories.

The screenshots and mockups of example student-facing dashboards are available as a PDF file (2.5M), including references to the source of each.

Slides from the three stimulating presentations are available:

Workshop Outputs

Transcriptions of the post-it notes and the votes are available in PDF and Excel formats. These are “as was”, without any subsequent re-working:

Some playfulness… a word cloud made from the text on the post-it notes used in the final voting.

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Anne-Marie Scott